Council of Chiefs

The Council of Chiefs, or COC, is the body of youth and advisers that handle all of Section G12N's operations. The COC and its members decide on all section matters, plan the annual programs, and share ideas between all of our lodges. The Council of Chiefs is led by the section chief with the aide of the section vice chief and secretary. Membership, structure, and purpose of the COC is determined by the Field Operations Guide.

Section Leadership

Section Chief

Leon Therrien (Y)

Section Vice Chief

Kyle Sievers (Y)

Section Secretary

Preston Fields (Y)

Section Adviser

James Francis (A)

Section Staff Adviser

Jory Dellinger (P)

Lodge Leadership

Apoxky-Aio Lodge Chief

Sean Lynch (Y)

Apoxky-Aio Lodge Adviser

Tom Burkhart (A)

Montana Council Scout Executive

Dirk Smith (A)

Kola/Tato Lodge Chief

Matthew Grumm (Y)

Kola/Tato Lodge Adviser

Mike Heilbron (A)

Adventure West Council Scout Exective

John Coleman (A)

Section Committees


Kyle Sievers (Y) - Communications Coordinator

David James (A) - Communications Adviser

Section Events

Elliot Johnson (A) - ACT Adviser

Brandie Sievers (A) - Conclave Adviser

Ex Officio Members

  • Grace Friend - Immediate Past Section Chief

  • Kurt Kuhlmann - Immediate Past Section Adviser

  • Dirk Smelser - Gateway Region Chief

  • Tracy Atherton - Gateway Region Chair

"The voting members of the council of chiefs shall be the three section officers; immediate past section chief (if younger than 21); and one designated youth representative of each council in the section. A vote shall not be extended to anyone 21 years of age or older. The non-voting members of the council of chiefs shall include the section advisers, ex officio members, and all other Arrowmen duly appointed." - Field Operations Guide, page 17
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