Full ACT Conference Video Now Open!

Missed the ACT Conference or need to review the content? You can now view the full recorded ACT Conference below.

What to Expect at ACT

The ACT Conference will help lodges Adapt to face major challenges, Collaborate with their peers across the section, and eventually Thrive and become high performing. Each lodge will take an in-depth look into their operations and programs, and determine their strengths and weaknesses. They will hear from the best trainers in the section on practices and theories to improve their local programs. Finally, the lodges will finalize an ACTION Plan to improve themselves before the next ACT Conference held in the Fall of 2022.

Throughout the year, the section will help the lodges progress towards these unique goals.


S0 - Paving the Way to ACT Complete prior to attending.

S1 - Why are you here?

S2 - Journey of an Arrowman

S3 - Building the Infrastructure

S4 - From Start to Finish

S5 - The Trail Ahead


Paving the Way to ACT

ACTION Plan Submission coming soon

Delegate Guidebook download below!

ACT Guidebook Draft.pdf