Presented annually at conclave, the Kurt Kuhlmann Advising Award is presented to one outstanding adviser in the section. Advisers are chosen by their character and interaction with their youth that go above and beyond the normal scope of an adviser. The award itself is a uniform dangle, with the section totem and mustache.

Presented during the monthly newsletter, the scout of month is awarded to any scout who is identified to have done amazing acts for their local unit or community. The Scout of the Month will be entered into the Scout of the Year award presented every December.

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This form is used to provide information on a candidate running for section office. This form will open 2 months prior to the election. All candidates must submit a form prior to the election.

This form is intended for those who want to help with the section. After applying, a member of the Council of Chiefs will be in contact with you to finalize your role.

Thank you for volunteering your time and effort with helping the section. This form is intended to gather basic information about you, and who you are. Some information provided will be accessible to members of the section, such as your bio.