Section Meetings

Throughout the course of the year, the section will hold multiple meetings in regards to administration, program, and lodge check-in calls. All Arrowmen are welcome to come to a meeting! Meetings will be held according to the calendar and can be accessed via Zoom.

Previous Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meeting Agendas

Jan. 2, 2022 | Key Leadership @6:30 PM

Agenda and information coming soon.

Dec. 19, 2021 | Key Leadership

Attendance: Grace, Kyle, Leon, Elliot, Brandie


  • Section G12N

  • Rebranding coming soon

  • Social media handles etc. - we should probably wait for National guidance

ACT Conference

  • Audience: Lodge and chapter leaders, aspiring youth leaders

  • Theme? (What do we want to teach them?)

  • Possible trainings: leadership development, creating goals, leadership at different levels

  • Grace and Kyle come up with training ideas

  • Kyle working on promotions and backgrounds

Conclave Letter

  • Do we have patches yet?

  • Letter needs written

Next Meeting:

  • Let’s create a solid plan for moving forward and accomplishing goals

Dec. 5, 2021 | Key Leadership

Attendance: Grace, Kyle, Leon, Elliot, Brandie, David

Production Value

  • Production value CVC

  • Matching Zoom backgrounds for online event

  • Easier if all trainers are in the same place

  • Conclave: name tags

  • Thank you notes

  • Table cloths

  • Patch grab bags with old patches from lodges

  • Printed schedule booklet

  • Specific Invitations

Brainstorm ACT Presentations and Focus (4/24-26)

  • Focus on leadership - chapter and lodge leaders

  • Make it required for leaders to attend, reward for additional people to join?

  • Invitations?

  • Everyone brainstorm 2 or 3 ideas for presentations before the next meeting

Lodge Meetings

  • Leon has a list of talking points and ideas of what to talk about

  • First call is an overview, talk about expectations with them and see what they need

  • Grace will send out Zoom links tonight

CVC People

  • Reaching out to people who might be good for CVC’s

ACT Conference in Fall

  • October 15th, 2022


  • Grace to send out email about upcoming events and information soon

  • Kyle create graphics or zoom backgrounds

  • Leon will give us details on that

Nov. 7, 2021 | Key Leadership

Attendance: Leon, Kyle, Grace, James, David, Brandie, Elliot

Takeaways from Western Region Leadership Summit


  • Having a good CVC team, making it a desirable position

  • Communication between lodges

  • Better promotion for our events and national events - starting at least 2-3 months prior

    • Promotion to make the event seem worth going to


  • Understanding fitting into the position

  • Communicating with lodges

  • CVC’s

  • Planning conclave now

  • Production value


  • The planning that we have done - sticking to a schedule

  • Production value

  • Making things work in out section


  • Our section is different, but most sections are facing similar issues


  • Logistics and plans for the year - we should come up with a backdated logistics calendar to keep us on deadlines

Other notes:

  • On-site meetings with CVC’s might be helpful

  • Possible ACT conferences with staff could be on-site, broadcast out via an online event to the Section

Suggested Calendar:

  • Physical conclave location would be helpful

  • We need to double check lodge/council calendar dates

  • Maybe move the second ACT conference to October/November to interfere with events less

ACT conference:

  • April/September should have different topics

  • April could be training, have them create clear actionable goals

  • September could check in on goals, reassess, etc.

  • Possible activity: actionable goals with quantitative pieces - metrics

    • Have incentive for achievement

Section Org Chart/Roster

  • We need to reach out to the youth who showed interest at Conclave - let them know we haven’t forgotten them

  • For recruiting CVC’s, making sure we let them know what is expected of them so they create good product/do a good job

  • David and Kyle had suggestions of people to reach out to - Leon will get contact info and reach out

ACT Approach Review

  • Creating milestones with deadlines

Other notes:

  • Lodge check-in call committee needs to determine what those will look like/cover

    • Leon will send an email with ideas for that

  • David is going to call Jory about patches 11/8 - then we will need to write thank you letter and send to conclave participants